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Evidence-based, innovative solutions that support solutions for moving towards a circular society. That is the goal of the institute 4 a Circular Society multidisciplinary research. We bring together professionals from various disciplines to conduct research at the cutting edge of socio-technical innovations and behavioural and system changes.

Two research themes

We promote research on two themes:

  • Circular Safe Hospitals: This research theme explorers how hospitals can become circular by 2050. The Dutch healthcare sector is responsible for 13% of the national footprint of material extraction and for 7% of the national emissions. As such, it is a major contributor to climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution of water, air, and land which, controversially, all negatively impact human health and wellbeing.  
  • Urban-Rural Circularity: A focus on the interface between cities and their surroundings is essential for a successful and rapid transition to a sustainable circular society. This transition is hampered by increasing tensions between urban and rural areas. The challenge is to close cycles regionally, connecting cities and rural areas, which requires integrated institutional, social and technological transitions. We investigate how – often systemic – circular solutions can contribute to the sustainable development of urban-rural areas. 

Research Initiatives – how i4CS helps

Seed calls & Seed Funds. The alliance offers staff members the opportunity to explore new interdisciplinary connections between the partner institutions through seed funding.

Pressure cookers. Often conducted online, it serves as dynamic platforms for scientists to come together and explore new research possibilities through multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary collaboration.

Research support and Help with Funding. The i4CS has an extensive database of expertises within the EWUU alliance, cooperation partners and funding opportunities. We help to bring researchers together, find the right funding and work together to submit applications, closely cooperating with our research support offices.

Want to collaborate?

Are you a student or researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University or University Medical Center Utrecht, and would like to get involved in our research? Perhaps you have an idea for a new project? Or are you a partner that would like to participate in research projects? Contact us for more information.