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Inspire and support professionals in companies, governments and societal organisations to achieve scalable circular systems. Provide them with science-based knowledge, innovations and tools they can use immediately. These are the goals of Circular Society’s research.

Small-scale systems

Together with our partners, we develop and study small-scale circular systems. We use two approaches: we apply smart design to products, processes, materials, business models and forms of cooperation. And we look at how to upscale circular solutions. While doing so, we evaluate possible barriers, such as the strict safety requirements that apply in a medical environment. We also look at ways to positively influence the behaviour of relevant people such as professionals and consumers around issues including the premature disposal of usable medicines and equipment.

Two Promising areas

We focus on two promising areas:
Circular Safe Hospital: circular solutions for hospitals.
Urban-Rural Circularity: Circular solutions for city and countryside.

Seed funding

Researchers affiliated with the four EWUU knowledge institutions can participate in our research and/or submit a project proposal for seed funding. We bring together professionals from various institutes and societal organisations as cooperation partners, and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience. We do this, for example, via pressure-cooker meetings for academics and stakeholders in the field. Colleges and policymakers, for example, but also companies and patient organisations. View the agenda here.


Are you a student or researcher at one of the EWUU knowledge institutions or at a company, healthcare institution or community organisation and you would like to participate in our research? Or do you have an idea for a new project? Get in touch with us.