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Research Projects Urban-Rural Circularity

Explore projects from the URC research line. A focus on the interface between cities and their surroundings is essential for a successful and rapid transition to a sustainable circular society. These projects do so by looking at solutions for increasing tensions between urban and rural areas. These projects were either awarded seed money, or are awarded grants as a spin-off from seed money initiatives.

Collaborative Circular Research Network (C3RN)

Research and implementation of circular, nature-based designs.

Re-Inventing Wastewater for Rural-Urban Circularity

Co-Creating Pathways for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

CE-Food Planner

A regional planning support system for a circular equitable foodsystem in the Eindhoven Metropolitan Region

Using landscape-thinking to close loops regionally

This project envisions the transformation of food systems into regionally embedded, landscape-based, circular systems.


Transitioning to a dynamic water system that stores precipitation surpluses and uses alternative water sources during droughts. 

The Last Supper

This study explores challenges in transitioning to circular food systems, emphasizing the tensions between circularity and inclusivity.