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Our team

Behind Circular Society is a team of passionate and experienced professionals. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Steering group

Theo Salet, Dean of the Faculty of Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology, t.a.m.salet@tue.nl    

Huub Rijnaarts, Professor of Environment and Water Technology, Wageningen University & Research, huub.rijnaarts@wur.nl 

Chris Backes, Professor at the Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law, Utrecht University, c.w.backes@uu.nl   

Peter Blankestijn, Internist-Nephrologist at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, p.j.blankestijn@umcutrecht.nl      


Jurgen Ganzevles, Programme Director Circular Society, Eindhoven University of Technology j.h.ganzevles@tue.nl

Pim de Jager, Project Manager, Wageningen University & Research, pim.dejager@wur.nl

Kirsten Hollaender, Project Manager, Utrecht University, k.m.hollaender@uu.nl

Petra Dijkman, Programme Manager Circular Safe Hospital, UMC Utrecht, p.e.dijkman-2@umcutrecht.nl

Sacha Tensen, Strategic Environmental Expert at UMC Utrecht, s.tensen@umcutrecht.nl


Kamonashish Haldar, Researcher Environmental Technology, Spatial Planning and Water Management, Wageningen University & Researchkamonashish.haldar@wur.nl

Ershad Sarabi, S. (Shahryar), Researcher Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University


Contact our team

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