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Are you a student, studying for your PhD, postdoc researcher, associate professor, professor, physician or technologist at TU Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and/or UMC Utrecht and want to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines? Then the Circular Society education programme is for you. Integral thinking and cooperation with other disciplines are key.

TU Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and Utrecht University Medical Centre are preparing their students and professionals for the future. They will increasingly be called upon to solve complex challenges within our society. The partnership brings together students from different institutions and disciplines to address these current and future challenges.

Academics of the future

Academics of the future will learn to combine disciplinary knowledge and expertise with a wide range of inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge and skills. Thus enabling them to collaborate and communicate with colleagues from other disciplines, and with partners outside academia, in complex and diverse contexts.

Innovative education and teaching concepts

Together, the institutions are creating innovative educational programmes to engage students and professionals in shaping the future and addressing key societal challenges in energy, health, circularity and nutrition. The alliance is committed to new forms of education, such as Challenge Based Learning. Here, students from different institutions and from different disciplines work together on relevant social issues.

Mobility and flexibility

The four institutions promote student and faculty exchange for the purpose of multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary education. The ambition is to remove organisational barriers in various educational projects, stimulating knowledge exchange and increasing cooperation opportunities. Information has been available to students since August 2021 detailing courses from partner institutions for which they can register


Are you an undergraduate student at TU Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research or Utrecht University? Then you can use the EduXchange platform (www.EduXchange.nl) to look for interesting courses at one of the other knowledge institutions involved. Enrolling is quick and easy, as is transferring credits to your own study programme. Creating your own curriculum has never been so much fun! Check out what’s on offer here.

Circular Society

For all undergraduate and graduate students connected to the knowledge institutes within the alliance, Circular Society offers courses on circularity. Special EWUU Packages are also being developed for education. These enable students to acquire skills that are crucial to creating a circular society. These include developing an integral view of product development, and methods to arrive at a shared vision of circularity.

Unique Master’s programme

Following on from the minors/mini-packages, Circular Society are developing a new Master’s programme, unique to the Netherlands focusing on our themes of Circular Safe Hospital and Urban-Rural Balance. For professionals, we are putting together a Lifelong Learning Programme in the field of circularity.

Want to know more?

Following or giving a course or EWUU Package through Circular Society? Want to know more about the new Circular Society Master’s programme? Get in touch with us.