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Transitioning to a dynamic water system that stores precipitation surpluses and uses alternative water sources during droughts. That is the goal of the AquaConnect consortium, with nearly 50 partners from across the Netherlands, and including researchers affiliated with Circular Society.

The Dutch delta faces enormous challenges in freshwater supply for industry, agriculture and nature during the increasingly frequent periods of severe drought. This calls for transitioning to a water system that stores precipitation surpluses for reuse instead of draining them to the sea; a system that also uses alternative water sources. Such a system would also recover nutrients from wastewater.

Multidisciplinary research

AquaConnect, an initiative of Wageningen University & Research, is playing an important role in the transition to such a system. The consortium conducts multidisciplinary research that identifies or develops:

1. Strategies for risk assessment in circular water systems

2. Water treatment technologies to enable the use of wastewater and brackish groundwater

3. Digital technologies for modelling underground water distribution and designing smart water networks linking supply, demand and natural water resources.

4. Tools to bring about social change

5. Demonstrations of AquaConnect technologies and tools in 4 demonstration areas at home and abroad.



Are you a student or researcher at one of the alliance institutions and want to join AquaConnect? Or working at a company or institution? Contact us, or take a look at https://www.aquaconnect.nu