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Circular Safe Hospital

What is needed to reuse medical devices and medicines? How do we prevent drug residues from entering sewage? These questions are addressed in the Circular Safe Hospital hub.

The healthcare sector is a relatively polluting business in the Netherlands, responsible for 7% of CO2 emissions and 15% of material use. Energy consumption is high and many products and materials are thrown away after single use or when a package has been opened but not all the contents used: items such as medical instruments, mouth caps, surgical gowns and plasters. This issue requires smart redesign and changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviour among medical professionals, producers, and consumers alike.

Four Lines of research

Research within Circular Hospital aligns with the Green Deal and has four lines:

  • Circular alternatives for medical disposables
  • Medication without harm – preventing waste and pollution
  • Circular strategies for medical devices & procedures
  • Future-proof patient diets: balancing nutrition and circularity


The following projects have been funded:


Are you a student or researcher at one of the alliance institutions and interested in joining our research within the Circular Safe Hospital theme? Or working at a company or institution? Or do you have an idea for a new project? Get in touch with us.