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Are you passionate about advancing circular solutions through inter and transdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research? The institute 4 a Circular Society (i4CS) is excited to introduce the next round of Seed Funding; a unique opportunity for researchers to catalyse collaborative projects and drive impact in the pursuit for a circular society.

The upcoming Seed call will focus on the I4CS theme Urban-Rural Circularity. With Urban-Rural circularity I4CS wants to stimulate the development of circular systemic solutions for future proof regions.

This means that we are looking for solutions that close loops, take planetary boundaries as a precondition and contribute to social inclusion and justice.  

This Seed Call will be conducted in close collaboration with the Province and Municipality of Utrecht, who have identified the following knowledge gaps they encounter in practice:

  • Regional production and application of biobased materials
  • Spatial claims that arise from the transition to a circular region
  • Measuring and monitoring circularity in a regional context
  • Digital innovations that support the transition to a circular region

These topics are of course relevant to other regions as well, and broader perspectives are encouraged.

Researchers from the four EWUU alliance universities are invited to participate in pressure cookers to establish new connections, generate research ideas, and develop proposals. Further details about the call and pressure cookers will be available soon on our website and LinkedIn page. If you want to be kept up to date by email, please let us know through the form below.

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Seed call URC 2024