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Are you passionate about advancing circular solutions through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research? The Institute 4 a Circular Society (i4CS) is excited to introduce the next round of Seed Funds, a unique opportunity for researchers to catalyse collaborative projects and drive impact in the pursuit for a circular society.

About this Seed Call – Digital Twinning, Decision Support Systems and/or Serious Gaming for Circular Safe Hospitals (CSH)

The healthcare sector is at a critical crossroads, facing challenges related to environmental impact, resource consumption, and the need for sustainability. To address these pressing issues, the Institute for a Circular Society (i4CS) is thrilled to introduce the Circular Safe Hospitals (CSH) Seed Call.

This initiative aims to foster collaboration among EWUU (Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University, and the University Medical Centre Utrecht) partners in developing digital twinning, decision support systems, and serious gaming solutions that can revolutionize circularity in hospital settings.

Research Themes

Digital twinning, decision support systems and/or serious gaming hold particular significance in the context of circularity research. They provide powerful tools for simulating and optimizing processes and cycles where people use products, disposables, hardware components, food, water, materials and energy.

For this seed call, we ask applicants to submit a proposal that adresses research into digital twinning, decision support systems and/or serious gaming for enhancing circularity for at least one of the four lines of research we have defined within CSH, being:

  • Circular alternatives for medical disposables
  • Medication without harm – preventing waste and pollution
  • Circular strategies for medical devices & procedures
  • Future-proof patient diets: balancing nutrition and circularity

Who can Submit

If you’re a tenured or tenure-track staff member at one of our EWUU home institutes, you are eligible to act as the main applicant. Additionally, proposals should involve a minimum of three EWUU home institutes. Tenured, tenure track and temporary staff (including post-docs) can act as co-applicant. Staff members can participate in a maximum of two proposals, with only one as the main applicant.

Funding Details

We have reserved € 60.000,- for one seed project to be granted.

The maximum duration of your seed grant project is 12 months. Your project should end no later than 31 December 2024.

Our basic line of thought is that the seed grant can be used for anything that helps your EWUU team in working towards a successful larger external grant proposal where the topic of digital twinning, decision support systems and serious gaming for circular safe hospitals is addressed. These may include support for actual preparation of a larger grant application or preliminary research to perform the necessary groundwork for a later larger grant application. Other motivated investments that are more creative or experimental are also possible.

Apply for this seed fund

The deadline for this Seed Fund Call is October 15th 2023. Please download the following documents to apply for this Seed Fund.


For questions, please contact Sacha Tensen (S.Tensen@umcutrecht.nl) or Jurgen Ganzevles (j.h.ganzevles@tue.nl).