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Tivoli Vredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht

From November 20th to November 23rd, 2023, the European Global Health Congress is hosted in Utrecht. Hosted by the European and Dutch Societies for Global Health in collaboration with esteemed partners, it focusses on the theme of “Planetary Health: shaping the future of equitable and sustainable global health.”

A pivotal dimension of the planetary health perspective revolves around the rural-urban interface, a dynamic zone where urban and rural domains intersect and intertwine. This significance is why the EWUU alliance, in particular the institute 4 a Circular Society, has been chosen to host one of the sessions during the conference.

November 23, 10:30 – 12:00 Health, food,water and sustainability at rural-urban interface in the global south

The rural-urban interface is a dynamic zone where urban and rural areas meet and connect. These peri-urban spaces, especially in Global South face a diversity of acute problems and require targeted innovative, sustainable, circular approaches and solutions to address these challenges. The essential one is urban-rural health.

As food production, water and sanitation are critical, interlinked components in peri-urban spaces having substantial human and environmental health implications, it is essential to recognize the mechanisms and need for the broad range of interventions, and the current priorities for education, research and action to include in planning and governance.


Health, food, water and sustainability at the rural-urban interface in the Global South

Chair: Prof. Huub Rijnaarts WUR/EWUU Alliance CS

Programme (90 minutes):


  • Welcome and Introduction: Prof Huub Rijnaarts WUR/EWUU Alliance CS
  • Prof Edith Feskens (WUR): Heathy and Sustainable Diets for the Global South
  • Dr James Noah Ssemanda: Burden of foodborne disease in Africa and the way forward by using quantitative microbial risk assessment. (in cooperation with Heidy M.W. den Besten, Coen P.A. van Wagenberg, Marcel H. Zwietering)
  • Dr. ir Katarzyna Kujawa-Roeleveld (WUR): quality and health aspects of circular food-water systems in the Global South  

Panel Discussion lead by dr. ir Kamonashish Haldar (WUR/EWUU Alliance) implications to prioritize education, research and new practises for sustainable safe water-food system

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Find more information about this event on the conference website, or see the complete programme here.

About ECTMIH2023

ECTMIH2023 acknowledes the profound influence of human actions on climate change and our planet. The urgency to address extreme weather events, biodiversity loss, and the intrinsic connection between human health and the health of the planet will be central to the discussions.

Anticipated attendance includes up to 1500 participants from all around the world, with a significant representation from Europe. This event aims to engage a broad audience beyond scientists, encompassing policymakers, healthcare providers, and anyone with an interest in Planetary Health.